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‘Bachelor’ star Joey Graziadei, fiancée living with her friends after she quit her job, his credit score tanked

Joey Graziadei and his fiancée Kelsey Anderson are playing catch-up with their finances following their “Bachelor” journey.

The “Bachelor” star, who led the 28th season of the show earlier this year, admitted Monday that his credit score tanked while he was filming and he’s now living with Anderson and her friends as they press the reset button on their finances.

“[My credit score] was at 730 and I went on the show and I had a payment from a credit card that I didn’t answer for two and a half months,” he explained on Jason Tartick’s “Trading Secrets” podcast. “I dropped, like, 80 points. Like, what the f–k?”

Joey Graziadei and his fiancée Kelsey Anderson are residing with her friends in New Orleans as they organize their finances post-“Bachelor.” Disney

They live in the rented home Anderson shared with her two girlfriends before she found love on national TV, they explained on Jason Tartick’s “Trading Secrets” podcast Monday. Disney

“I went on a TV show and I come back and my credit score bombed,” he further lamented. “I was like, ‘I can’t even get into an apartment building. Jesus Christ.’”

While Graziadei, 29, rejoined the real world with an upsetting realization, he added pressure to his financial situation after offering monetary support to his fiancée after she quit her job to organize her new life.

“Joey’s my security blanket,” Anderson, 26, confirmed on the podcast.

Graziadei said he could not get an apartment on his own after his credit score dropped 80 points while filming. FilmMagic

Despite his struggles, he offered to help Anderson financially as she organized her new life with him. AFF-USA/Shutterstock

As they figure out their next steps and finances as a couple, Graziadei and the former project manager are residing with her two friends in the four-bedroom, three-bathroom home she rented before she found love on “The Bachelor.”

“He was just living with his sister, so I was like, ‘You can move in with me,’” Anderson recalled to Tartick. “I have a very big room, and my roommates were all in.”

“They’re like, ‘We can’t wait to get to know Joey,’ and it’s kinda like a ‘New Girl’ situation.”

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Anderson also quit her job in project management following the show. Instagram/joeygraziadei

However, she confirmed she plans to find a new job when they move to New York this year. Disney

Their residence is in Anderson’s native New Orleans, but they said they plan to relocate to New York later this year. She also confirmed she wants to find a new job in project management.

In April, Anderson confessed to Us Weekly that she was “nervous” her fiance would leave the toilet seat up before they moved in together.

“I think what I’m most excited about is the ability to be around each other so much,” Graziadei added. “We finally will be able to just do small things together.”

Graziadei and Anderson met during Season 28 of “The Bachelor,” which aired earlier this year. Disney

They got engaged during the show’s finale. Disney

Following their engagement news, Anderson gushed about what it was like to love the tennis coach.

“[Loving him] feels like a perfect day, when the sun is out, the clouds are fluffy, when it’s not too cold or too hot and everything just feels right!” she wrote in an Instagram tribute. “Joey, loving you is effortless like a beautiful sunny day.”

In his own celebratory post from March, Graziadei said Anderson is a “kind, beautiful, goofy, original, authentic, and [his] bright light.”

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