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Nicki Minaj Nip Slip Occured More then any other singer

Nicki Minaj nip slip uncensored

Are Nicki Minaj nips trying to escape?

Any celebrity can experience a nip slip and some have. But those who routinely wear bustiers and carefully placed risqué costumes are most susceptible to having their breasts repeatedly exposed.

Ok, we could accept this occurring once or twice, or maybe even three times but more than 10?

There is just no other explanation for why Nicki Minaj is currently the queen of nip slips (Lady Gaga is still a close second), other than the fact that her boobs might have a mind of their own and have been trying to escape.

Or maybe just maybe…

The “Anaconda” singer simply doesn’t care and might even enjoy the attention that comes with her nipples flashing on stage, on the red carpet, on television,  on Instagram, etc.

Nicki Minaj no longer appears to be taking any additional precautions to make sure that her nips remain covered while she performs—not that she’s doing it on purpose, of course.

The girl just simply dislikes to wear bras!

Here is a brief rundown of the Grammy-nominated star’s wardrobe malfunctions and several further near-misses:

nicki minaj nip slip uncensored

nip slip Nicki Minaj

In “Moment 4 Life,” Yes, this specific slip-up on Good Morning America. So even before primetime, she was encouraged to wear pasties going forward. But it didn’t last very long when they added that extra step to getting ready. Better to just let it all hang out.

Nicki Minaj like to show what she has

She solemnly admitted to Andy Cohen on WWHL that her Miley-who? wardrobe near-failure at the MTV Video Music Awards was “very hard to deal with” and that it made her feel “like I wanted to crawl under a freakin’ rock,” adding that she only went on stage to support Ariana Grande and Jessie J.

But perhaps she later changed her mind and believed it was a sign to approach such things more que-sera-sera!

Nicki Minaj Exposes herself again

Has anyone ever recovered from a nip slip more gracefully? No, Nicki is the Queen, boobs are not a big thing, and we all have nipples.

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