Jimmy Fallon tests positive for COVID and claims that his daughters are also infected.

During the holidays, Jimmy Fallon tested positive for COVID-19. The 47-year-old late-night host recounted his experience with the coronavirus on Monday’s episode of The Tonight Show, saying that he tested positive on the first day of the network’s Christmas vacation.

“On Saturday I was going to come in and do a bit on Saturday Night Live, but I tested positive,” Fallon shared.

In truth, the season finale show of Saturday Night Live, which Fallon mentioned, did not proceed as planned. Due to an increase in instances of the omicron type, the live sketch comedy show was obliged to send the majority of its cast and staff home. Instead, the show featured pre-recorded skits and previous holiday favorites.

“I was so scared,” Fallon admitted of getting his positive test. “I went in like I normally did — because we’ve been doing this testing for a year now — so I know everyone up there, all the nurses and doctors… the nurse comes back in and she goes, ‘Come with me.’ I’ve never gotten, ‘Come with me.'”


Fallon was then placed in an isolation room while awaiting his findings, despite the fact that he is vaccinated and boosted, and that he follows safety precautions such as masking and washing his hands on a regular basis.

Nancy Juvonen, Fallon’s wife, and their two kids, 7-year-old Franny and 8-year-old Winnie, flew to upstate New York so Fallon could isolate alone, according to the TV star. His daughters, on the other hand, both tested positive for COVID-19.

“My girls tested positive as well. And they’re fine, everyone’s fine. Franny had the sniffles for like two days. Winnie had no symptoms at all,” Fallon said, adding a silver lining to his daughters’ diagnoses. “But that meant I could go home and spend the holidays with the kids, so I did. It was a Christmas miracle.”