7 Boaters Killed and 30 Plus Injured in Brazil from a Massive Rockslide

On Saturday, a horrific tragedy occurred in Brazil when a large rock structure came free above a lake and careened into the sea… At least 7 persons have been killed.

The video is harrowing… In Minas Gerais, a mountainside practically cascaded down onto four boats. As the rock structure collides with the boats, sending them into the air, you can hear boaters scream in horror. Two of the four vessels that were struck sank.
Thousands of pounds of rock and debris crashed into the sea, creating a deafening crash. It’s all the more terrifying since it appeared to be a peaceful day, with the boaters resting and enjoying themselves until calamity hit. A total of 30 individuals were hurt, in addition to the deaths.

There had been severe rains in the region, and authorities believe the torrent of water was to blame for the mountain’s fall.

Three people are still missing.

Watch Video Here