Heart Warming – Judge Dismisses Speeding Violation For 96 Year Old Man

When dealing with the case of a 96-year-old man who was found speeding near a school, a municipal court judge in Providence, Rhode Island, showed compassion.

After discovering that the nonagenarian was transporting his 63-year-old son to the doctor’s office as part of his cancer treatment, Judge Frank Caprio dismissed the complaint against him.

“I don’t drive that fast, Judge,” Coella had said in his defense. “I’m 96 years old and I drive slowly, and I only drive when I have to.”

Caprio replied, “You are a good man,” in a now-viral footage from the syndicated courtroom TV show “Caught in Providence.”

“You really are what America is all about,” Caprio said. “You’re in your 90s, and you’re and still taking care of your family. That’s just a wonderful thing.”

Watch the video here: