Horrific Video – Tiger Fatally Shot After Mutilating A Man’s Hand

Collier County Sheriff’s Office

As previously reported, a Malayan tiger called Eko was shot and killed by police in Naples, Florida on Wednesday night after a janitor reportedly entered an unapproved area and attempted to pet or feed the animal, according to authorities. As officers came, Eko bit down on the man’s hand, and you could hear him sobbing in anguish.

This video is very difficult and sad to watch. It demonstrates what happens when a person goes rogue and comes too close to a wild animal.

After a few attempts to free the man from the Tigger deadly grip the police had no choice but to kill the tiger by shooting him in the head at point-blank range.

It’s a sad tragedy that’s this has happened multiple times before… when someone puts himself or herself and the animal in danger by coming too close.