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4th of July Fireworks Goes Horribly Wrong!!

Fourth of July Celebration

Fourth of July celebrations include fireworks in every city and state. While viewing fireworks from afar can be enjoyable and entertaining, it is much more dangerous for the ones that like to set off their own. This, unfortunately, happens all too often to the ones lighting the fireworks to end up having an accident, and on this Fourth of July, a family experienced this.

This entire incident is captured on video. A group of individuals can be seen getting ready to celebrate the Fourth of July. Some are lighting firecrackers as women and children are seen relaxing in front of the house. One of them ignites the fuse of what seems to be a rocket that is only 10 feet from a massive box of fireworks behind a parked car.


Next, the men are seen debating if there was a problem with the rocket they just tried to light, and after it attempts to launch only a few small sparks shoot out. One of the rocket’s sparks lands really close to some of the women and children. Even though everyone feels a bit uneasy, many of them believe that the worst is over.

As they start to move further away another spark shoots out and lands on top of the huge box of fireworks and when the man approaches to check the box, he immediately steps back when he realizes that all of the fireworks in the box are about to explode setting off a massive explosion filling the area with lots of smoke. With everyone running for cover its a miracle that no one was injured.

The group received a lot of criticism from a number of people online from multiple social media sites for setting off fireworks close to the vehicle, their family, and the box of fireworks.


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