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Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes wish Rob Marciano ‘the best’ after ‘tough’ ABC News firing

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes sympathize with Rob Marciano after their former colleague’s firing from ABC News.

The couple noted in Friday’s episode of their “Amy & T.J.” podcast that they have “walked down that road” themselves, referring to their own departure from the network in January 2023.

“It’s not an easy [journey],” Robach, 51, said of the “tough situation” before noting that Marciano, 55, is “still going through a divorce” from his wife, Eryn Marciano.

Robach wished her former colleague “the best.” Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images

She and Holmes commiserated with his “tough” firing. ajrobach/Instagram

She noted, “We know what it’s like to have your entire life upended, career and personal life.”

Holmes agreed, adding, “We do know what it’s like to have those headlines, to be the subject of clickbait, and that’s a tough position for anyone to be going through, especially someone who is a father of two.

“I know how much he loves his kids,” he continued. “He talks about them all the time. So it’s just tough to see those headlines almost, for the sake of his family, his kids, him, all of that. So our heart goes out to him.”

The former “GMA3” co-hosts left the network in 2023. TJ Holmes/Facebook

News broke of Marciano’s departure earlier this week. Walt Disney Television

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The former “GMA3” co-hosts, who have “both known Rob for a long time” through the morning show, went on to sing his praises as a weatherman.

“I do applaud all the work he has bravely done over the last decade or so,” Robach gushed. “And we wish him the very best.”

Holmes, 45, called Rob “one of the best guys I’ve ever seen in the field covering weather.”

He reportedly left due to “anger management issues.” Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images

Robach and Holmes did not know “the details” of the situation. Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images

He acknowledged that he doesn’t know “the details” surrounded the journalist’s departure, as reports have surfaced about his “anger management issues” and alleged behavioral complaints.

“Whatever it is, we hate to see somebody who’s been a friend and colleague for a long time end up in this place, this position to be talked about the way he’s being talked about to some degree,” Holmes concluded.

News broke of Marciano’s firing on Tuesday.

His former co-workers anonymously came to his defense on Thursday via People magazine, defending his “professional” and “positive” demeanor.

Holmes called Marciano the “best” meteorologist. ajrobach/Instagram

Robach noted that the weatherman is “still going through a divorce.” ajrobach/Instagram

As for Robach and Holmes, the pair were ousted last year after making headlines for an alleged affair while married to Andrew Shue and Marilee Fiebig, respectively.

The duo denied cheated during their podcast premiere in December 2023, claiming they were both “in divorce proceedings” when they fell in love.

Shue and Fiebig have since become a “full-committed” couple in their own right.

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