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Amy Robach says she’s embracing her ‘feminine energy’ with T.J. Holmes after always being the ‘breadwinner’

Amy Robach is embracing her “feminine energy” in her relationship with T.J. Holmes.

The journalist and podcaster opened up on Tuesday’s episode of their “Amy & T.J.” podcast about her transition from being the “breadwinner” in her past marriages to leaning into her femininity.

“I was always on the other side of things,” Robach, 51, explained to their guest, matchmaker Thalia Ouimet.

“I’ve always been like, no. I’m the doer. I’m the getter. I’m the maker. I’m the creator. I’m the breadwinner,” she explained. “And so it’s interesting about accepting, and not just accepting but embracing, the other side of yourself in the right relationship.”

Amy Robach said she is embracing her “feminine energy” in her relationship with T.J. Holmes. ajrobach/Instagram

The couple discussed the topic with matchmaker Thalia Ouimet on Tuesday’s episode of their “Amy & T.J.” podcast. Amy and T.J. Podcast/Instagram

The journalist said she’s used to being the “getter” and “breadwinner” in her past relationships. Amy and T.J. Podcast/Instagram

Robach was previously married to Andrew Shue and Tim McIntosh.

She finalized her divorce from Shue in March 2023, months after her relationship with Holmes was made public.

She also mentioned feeling “manipulative” when she drops her “boss lady energy” to embrace her softer side — but Holmes, 46, said he enjoys her feminine side and wishes more people could experience it.

She added that it’s “interesting” to embrace “the other side of yourself in the right relationship.” FilmMagic

Robach and Holmes’ relationship first made headlines in November 2022. GC Images

“What is the thing I say to you all the time? You are such a sweetheart. I wish other people knew that,” he gushed.

“And really, she’s [tender], she’s sweet and that feminine energy maybe you speak of, but as a colleague and seeing her around the studio for so long, nobody has any clue about the person I know,” he added.

Ouimet, meanwhile, described Robach’s new familiarity with her feminine side as coming “home to who you really are.”

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They began hosting “GMA3” together in 2020. ajrobach/Instagram

They were axed from their positions at ABC after their romance went public. ajrobach/Instagram

“When you’re in your masculine for so long in a marriage or in a relationship, sometimes you lose that,” she added. “So you have to constantly check in with yourself.”

In May, Robach revealed on their podcast that Holmes “won’t let” her pay for anything on their dates.

“We go to dinner, the man pays. That’s just it,” Holmes said at the time.

“From the moment I joined ABC News, you were already there. There’s not a moment, a day in our ABC careers, that I made more money than you did. But still, once we started dating, you didn’t pay for a meal.”

In fact, Page Six reported in March 2023 that Robach walked away with a much larger severance package than her beau when they were both axed from ABC after their romance went public.

Robach was previously married to Andrew Shue. ajrobach/Instagram

They finalized their divorce in early 2023. ajrobach/Instagram

News of the former “GMA3” co-hosts’ relationship broke in November 2022. Not long after, they were placed on a brief hiatus from their positions.

At the time, ABC News president Kim Godwin said Robach and Holmes’ relationship was too much of an “internal and external distraction” to keep them on the air.

By the end of January 2023, they signed exit agreements to leave ABC after an internal investigation was conducted into their romance.

Since then, the pair have been open about the challenges they faced during the drama, with Holmes claiming he turned to drinking to cope with the backlash he received over their relationship.

Holmes was married to Marilee Fiebig when his relationship with Robach came to light. Marilee Fiebig/Instagram

They finalized their divorce in late 2023. Marilee Fiebig/Instagram

He was married to Marilee Fiebig when his romance with Robach made headlines, and they finalized their divorce nearly one year later.

During Sunday’s podcast episode, Robach confirmed she gives “zero f–ks” about what people think of their relationship at this point.

“We know a little bit about walking through some darkness [and] coming through the other side when the worst has happened,” she said.

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