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Chris Brown gets stuck dangling in the air during concert, rescued by ladder

Chris Brown became stuck midair at his New Jersey concert on Wednesday after a performance stunt went wrong.

The rapper was left hanging from the ceiling at Newark’s Prudential Center after he got caught while gliding over the audience during his “Under the Influence” track.

Per a fan video, he kept performing the 2019 hit while discreetly signaling for the stage crew to help him.

Chris Brown was left hanging in the air after a technical malfunction at his New Jersey concert Wednesday. TikTok/terriem89

The controversial rapper was dangling from the ceiling after his suspension cables failed to release him to the ground during his “Under the Influence” performance. TikTok/terriem89

A clip showed him discreetly attempting to get the attention of crew members while still singing. TikTok/terriem89

For several minutes, Brown hovered over the arena and continued to bust a move while waiting for assistance.

Eventually, crew members arrived to the stage with a large ladder to help get the R&B singer, 35, down, according to a follow-up clip.

He continued to perform as he unhooked the suspension wires and climbed down to the stage.

Once on the ground, Brown appeared upset as he presumably shouted at a crew member backstage before continuing his performance.

Minutes later, crew members arrived on stage with a ladder. TikTok/terriem89

Brown continued to sing as he climbed down. TikTok/terriem89

He appeared angry with a person off to the side before continuing his set. TikTok/terriem89

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Per the Hollywood Reporter, the “With You” crooner told the crowd he was angry but handled the situation lightly.

Reacting to the videos, one fan commented, “This man was hanging for a long ass time before anyone realized he was stuck.”

“He handled it SO professionally,” another added.

“I like how he’s just hanging there like an angry fairy,” a third quipped.

Brown, who embarked on his 11:11 tour last week, has recently come under fire for his past controversial performances.

“This man was hanging for a long ass time before anyone realized he was stuck,” one person commented on the video. / MEGA

“I like how he’s just hanging there like an angry fairy,” another joked.

The rapper raised eyebrows when he was seen grabbing the throat of “Love Island” star Natalia Zoppa while serenading her during his March 2023 concert in Manchester, England.

Several fans labeled the move as “aggressive,” claiming the reality star looked “really really distressed.”

Meanwhile, a month before, Brown complained people “still hate” him after he assaulted his ex-girlfriend and pop sensation Rihanna in 2009.

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