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Grimes faces backlash for Supporting Lizzo

Why is Grimes Facing Backlash?

Days after the “Truth Hurts” singer was accused of sexual harassment in a lawsuit brought by three of her former dancers. The “Go” singer tweeted her support for Lizzo.

“I cherish Lizzo. I don’t want to imply that I don’t trust people when awful things happen. But I oversaw the mistreatment of dancers in ways that I didn’t learn about until much later. Mebe s—t is nasty, wrote 35-year-old Grimes on Twitter on Sunday.

But loyalty is important to me, she added.

“Lizzo was kind to me and others for a decade before she was ‘cool,’ and she checked [on] me when no one cared.”

Grimes has come under fire for defending Lizzo on Twitter.

She’s always acted immaculately, especially when everyone was hating on me and she was ecstatic. Apart from wanting to be a good person, she had no motive to check-in. This is just my opinion.

In a second tweet, Grimes—real name Claire Boucher—intensified her position.

“Lizzo was nice to me before Elon when she blew up and I was still indie as f—k,” she remarked. Prior to anyone caring about either of us in 2012, she was kind to me. When most people abandoned me because they didn’t want the association, she checked in while I was canceling a lot while I was pregnant. She was gracious even if I was merely a burden to her. That hardcore is admirable. That individual is admirable.

Grimes faces backlash
After three of the vocalist of "About Damn Time"'s backup dancers filed a lawsuit against her, the Canadian musician made his remarks.

The Canadian musician, who has two kids with billionaire Elon Musk, received a deluge of backlash for her remarks.

Lizzo is a classist abuser who doesn’t think those “on her level” deserve respect, one person said. “Grimes it’s because you’re rich and wealthy and have influence, Lizzo is a classist abuser,” they added.

laughs Grimes You’ve had enough. Just because you had a positive experience with someone doesn’t mean others didn’t (probably because of your connections and fame). Another person responded, “Grimes think piece isn’t going to convince me to disagree with the innumerable victims who have claimed otherwise.

Another person wrote, “Nah, she’s toxic.”

Lizzo Sexual Allegations

During the criticism, some defended Grimes.

One supporter tweeted, “Loyalty is so vital.

It is brave and loyal to openly defend your friends against unfounded rumors. This is when you are certain to receive criticism for doing so. tons of respect” said another user.

Three of the “Good as Hell” singer’s former dancers, Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams, and Noelle Rodriguez, served the “Good as Hell” singer with a shocking lawsuit last week.

In the legal documents, they allege that they experienced weight stigma, sexually demeaning treatment, and coercion to take part in frightening sex displays.

In an online statement, the 35-year-old Grammy winner refuted the accusations.

“People have questioned my work ethic, morals, and respectability. My persona has come under fire. Normally I don’t respond to false accusations, but these are too ridiculous to ignore and are as unbelievable as they sound, Lizzo wrote in a post on Thursday.

The “About Damn Time” singer said that the “sensationalized” allegations originated from former workers who had “already publicly admitted” that their conduct while on tour with her had been “inappropriate and unprofessional.”

Lizzo has denied the “sensationalized” claims.

She said, “I am very outspoken about my sexuality and how I express myself, but I cannot accept or let people exploit that outspokenness to make me out to be somebody I am not.

“The respect we as women in the world deserve is the one thing I take more seriously than anything else.”

The “Juice” singer continued by saying that she has experienced “daily body shame”.  That she “would absolutely never criticize or fire an employee because of their weight.”


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