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Halsey reveals exact diagnosis after telling fans she is ‘lucky to be alive’

Halsey revealed she was diagnosed with Lupus and a rare lymphoproliferative disorder following the release of her new single, “The End,” which detailed her years-long health battle.

Despite initially keeping her exact diagnosis a secret, the “Closer” singer thanked fans for their “unbelievable amount of love” and “support” by giving them more information about her condition.

“You’ve all been so kind so I want to share a bit more,” Halsey, who uses “she/they” pronouns, wrote on Instagram Wednesday.

“In 2022, I was first diagnosed with Lupus SLE and then a rare T-cell lymphoproliferative disorder.”

Halsey revealed she was diagnosed with Lupus and a rare blood disease. iamhalsey/Instagram

She has kept the diagnoses a secret since 2022. iamhalsey/Instagram

Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is a chronic autoimmune disease in which the immune system of the body mistakenly attacks healthy tissue, according to Medline.

Meanwhile, Lymphoproliferative disorders are a group of diseases that cause an uncontrolled production of lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell. Doctors broadly classify cancerous lymphoproliferative disorders into B-cell lymphocytic disorders or T-cell lymphoproliferative disorders, per Medical News Today.

Although both the diseases “are currently being managed or in remission,” the 29-year-old said she will likely have them “for the duration of [her] life.”

“Both of which are currently being managed or in remission; and both of which I will likely have for the duration of my life,” she wrote on Instagram. iamhalsey/Instagram

She said she is “grateful” to “have music to turn to. iamhalsey/Instagram

“After a rocky start, I slowly got everything under control with the help of amazing doctors,” they continued. “After 2 years, I’m feeling better and I’m more grateful than ever to have music to turn to.”

Halsey concluded the post by saying she “can’t wait” to get back on stage where she “belongs.”

“With you all ???? Singing and screaming my heart out,” they concluded alongside promotional images for their new album.

The update came just one day after the hitmaker told her followers she was “lucky to be alive” due to her ongoing health issues.

Thanks to the help of her “amazing” doctors, she is finally feeling a bit better. iamhalsey/Instagram

The “Closer” singer told her followers Tuesday she was “lucky to be alive” amid her ongoing health issues. iamhalsey/Instagram

Although they didn’t disclose their diagnosis at the time, they notably tagged the Lupus Research Alliance and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Halsey also shared several videos of in the hospital getting transfusions.

“Today is day one of treatment,” they said in a selfie-style video while wearing a surgical mask.

The mother of one also posted a video of herself grimacing in pain while rubbing her legs.

However, she didn’t reveal her exact diagnoses at the time. iamhalsey/Instagram

She ultimately decided to share more about her condition due to the outpouring of love and support from fans. iamhalsey/Instagram

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“I feel like an old lady,” the singer, who also struggles with endometriosis, said.

In her new song, Halsey painted a painful picture of the last few years, which were plagued with doctor visits and discomfort.

“Every couple of years now, a doctor says I’m sick / Pulls out a brand new bag of tricks / And then they lay it on me / And at first, it was my brain, then a skeleton in pain,” she sings on the acoustic ballad.

The singer dropped her new single, “The End,” on Tuesday. iamhalsey/Instagram

She got candid about her health battle in the deeply personal ballad. iamhalsey/Instagram

Elsewhere in the song, the “You & I” singer sang about feeling like she wasn’t going to make it much longer.

“When I met you, I said I would never die / But the joke was always mine ’cause I’m racing against time,” she sang.

“And I know it’s not the end of the world / But could you pick me up at 8? / Because my treatment starts today.”

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