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Harry Jowsey reveals he had a secret girlfriend during ‘DWTS’ – but it wasn’t Rylee Arnold

Harry Jowsey addressed those Rylee Arnold dating rumors after the pair’s undeniable chemistry on “Dancing with the Stars” left fans speculating about their relationship status for months.

On the premiere episode of his new podcast, “Boyfriend Material,” the reality star claimed that not only did he and Arnold never date – but that he also had a secret girlfriend while competing on the dance competition series.

“Now I know what you are thinking, ‘Harry are you and Rylee dating? Are we together? Am I leading her on? Are we hooking up?’” he began. “But what if I told you I was actually in a secret relationship at the start of ‘Dancing with the Stars.’”

The reality star revealed that he was secretly dating someone else at the time. Boyfriend Material/YouTube

However, he did not disclose the identity of his then-girlfriend. Boyfriend Material/YouTube

Elsewhere in the episode, Jowsey revealed he “was madly in love” with this other girl. Although the “Too Hot to Handle” star did not reveal the woman’s identity, some fans believe it may have been “Love Is Blind” alum Jessica Vestal. The two were spotted packing on the PDA in Mexico in June 2023.

Jowsey claimed the attention on him and Arnold ultimately drew him and his unidentified girlfriend “apart.”

“Obviously it ended up ending and it fizzled out because it is so difficult to see your boyfriend or girlfriend on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ being that close with someone else,” he explained. “Day in and day out [seeing] the TikToks, the news articles… absolutely everything.”

Although it’s unclear exactly when the pair split, Jowsey told the woman that he misses her before launching into more details about his relationship with Arnold.

He said the pair’s romance fizzled out due to his close relationship with Arnold. The Walt Disney Company

Jowsey, 26, and Arnold, 18, were paired up for Season 32 of “DWTS” and spent over “28 hours” together a week. ABC

“Obviously, she was so sweet,” Jowsey said of meeting the 18-year-old dancer, whom he described as “a cute little blonde girl” that was competing for the first time as a pro.

“But remember, guys, I had a secret girlfriend at the time, so I wasn’t even thinking about that. I was on my good boy behavior.”

While filming Season 32, the pair spent “at least 28 hours a week together.” Naturally, they got “really close” as they opened up to each other about their personal lives during the hours-long rehearsals.

However, Jowsey said the pair “set boundaries from the start” because he felt like he wasn’t “the right guy” for her.

Although they grew close, the reality TV star insisted that nothing romantic was going on between the two. Rylee Arnold/Instagram

Jowsey felt he was “not the right guy for her.” The Walt Disney Company

“I told her, ‘I love and care about you enough to tell you that I am not the right guy,’” he recalled, noting that he didn’t want to “rob her of her 20s.”

“I’m sorry if this answer breaks some hearts, but I’m here to confirm once and for all, Rylee and I have never been [in] any type of relationship,” he alleged.

However, he claimed the duo “never leaned into” the dating rumors or “were putting on an act” for the cameras.

“It was just organic,” he added. “What you saw is kind of how it was. That was just amazing love and amazing friendship, and just an amazing bond that we had together.”

However, he claimed their chemistry was real and that they didn’t lean into the dating rumors for ratings. ryleearnold1/Instagram

“What you saw is kind of how it was,” he explained. “That was just amazing love and amazing friendship, and just an amazing bond that we had together.” ryleearnold1/Instagram

Arnold and Jowsey first sparked romance rumors in October 2023 after they were spotted holding hands while leaving a concert together.

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At the time, Jowsey told Page Six he and Arnold were “enjoying being together” and “if something happens, something happens.”

The following month, the reality TV star added fuel to the fire when he purchased a $14,600 Van Cleef bracelet for Arnold.

The duo first sparked romance rumors in October 2023. ryleearnold1/Instagram

Online chatter intensified after Jowsey bought the pro dancer a $14,600 bracelet — which he seemingly also purchased for his then-girlfriend. dwtsrylee/TikTok

However, in his latest podcast episode, Jowsey seemingly admitted that he bought his then-girlfriend the same pricey piece.

Jowsey told listeners that while he and the woman were broken up, he purchased her “an iced-out Cartier nail [bracelet,] Van Cleef ruby diamond earrings and another Van Cleef bracelet.”

While the professional dancer has yet to directly address her former partner’s comments, fans noticed she recently unfollowed him on Instagram.

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Arnold no longer follows Jowsey on Instagram. Harry Jowsey/Instagram

She also seemingly shaded her former partner on social media several times after the episode went live. Rylee Arnold/Instagram

Following the episode drop, Arnold posted several telling TikToks using eye-brow-raising audios, including one about “catching flights not feelings.”

She also seemingly shaded the podcast host by referring to herself as a “cute little blonde girl” in one of the videos, the same description Jowsey used for her while recounting the story of how they first met.

The dancer’s older sister, Brylee Arnold, also chimed in, commenting under another post, “The cutest little blonde girl I’ve ever seen tbh.”

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