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Inside Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor’s ‘toxic’ fight leading to separation: ‘The Valley’ finale

Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor detailed the “toxic” fight leading to their split on “The Valley.” Instagram/@mrjaxtaylor

“The Valley” resumed filming after Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor’s separation — and revealed the reason for the couple’s sudden split.

Cartwright, 35, detailed the “toxic” argument that led to her leaving their marital home with 3-year-old son Cruz in February during the show’s finale.

“He was going out to the bar and stuff, coming home and having these horrible hangovers that would make him mean as a f—king snake,” she claimed to co-stars Janet Caperna, Michelle Saniei and Nia Booko on Tuesday’s episode.

Cartwright claimed her estranged husband yelled at her for “hours.” Bravo

She called him “mean as a f–king snake.” Bravo

She recalled waking up to “Jax barreling in” one morning while she and her toddler were in bed.

“He comes in [saying], ‘Why is Luke [Broderick] texting me right now asking me if he needs somebody to talk to because of everything I’m going through?’” Cartwright alleged.

“Finally, after he’s already been screaming at me for hours… I packed me and Cruz up and we got the hell out of that house,” she continued. “I just kind of hit this point where I started noticing everything that he did to me.”

The reality star asked herself, “What am I doing? Why am I here?” Casey Durkin/Bravo

She subsequently left their home with son Cruz. Jen Lowery /

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She noted that the realization hit her “like a ton of bricks” and made her ask herself, “What am I doing? Why am I here?”

Cartwright clarified in a confessional that she and Taylor, 44, had been having issues “all summer long” while filming Season 1 of the Bravo series.

“Once the cameras stopped rolling, things seemed like they were getting worse and worse and worse and worse,” she explained.

She claimed her “selfish” partner “would not leave.” brittany/Instagram

She moved to an Airbnb with Cruz. brittany/Instagram

Cartwright, who called herself “mainly at the tipping point … but not all the way there yet,” went on to tell viewers that she had been living in an Airbnb with her little one.

“Jax would not leave the house,” she claimed. “I just feel like that shows how selfish Jax is. … Especially being from Kentucky, a man doesn’t do that.”

The couple confronted each other in a subsequent scene, with Taylor sharing his plans to go to therapy — and admitting in a confessional that he missed the appointment.

Cartwright claimed she would have left “a long time ago” if not for the 3-year-old. mrjaxtaylor/Instagram

“I just can’t stay anymore,” she said. Coastline Images /

Cartwright called this action item a “front,” telling her estranged husband, “As soon as these cameras drop, you’re going to text me a million text messages and talk horrible to me. You’re going to rage text the s–t out of me.”

In a confessional, the reality star said she would have left Taylor “a long time ago” if her son was not in the picture.

“Now that I have Cruz and I’ve woken up from the situation, I just feel like for his sake and for my mental health, I just can’t stay here anymore,” she concluded.

The “Vanderpump Rules” alum got married in 2019. mrjaxtaylor/Instagram

Cruz was born two years later. mrjaxtaylor/Instagram

The “Vanderpump Rules” alums got engaged in June 2018 and tied the knot the following year, with Cruz arriving in April 2021.

Since their split, Taylor has sparked romance rumors with model Paige Woolen — but denied he is “dating anyone” via X last week.

He also told “When Reality Hits” podcast listeners on Friday that he and Cartwright are open to “dating other people” during their time apart.

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