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Jax Taylor reveals shocking public place he and Brittany Cartwright had sex

The city that never sleeps.

Jax Taylor revealed he and his estranged wife, Brittany Cartwright, once had sex at the busiest tourist attraction in New York City.

Taylor and his “The Valley” co-stars were playing a couples game in Tuesday’s episode when they had to answer, “Where was the most public place that you and your partner have had sex?”

Taylor made the confession during a game in Tuesday’s episode of “The Valley.” Bravo

“Brittany and I, we would be in New York in Times Square, and we would just go at it,” he said in a confessional. Bravo

“Mine is Times Square!” Taylor, 44, shamelessly proclaimed.

Cartwright, 35, had to leave the group hangout early because she did not feel well, so she was not present when her husband aired their dirty laundry.

Taylor later elaborated in a confessional, “Brittany and I, we would be in New York in Times Square, and we would just go at it. Like, this is obviously in the very beginning stages of our relationship.”

The “Vanderpump Rules” alum didn’t elaborate on how or where in Times Square, but he did share that it was at the “beginning” of their relationship. mrjaxtaylor/Instagram

Taylor and Cartwright have been candid about the difficulties they currently face when it comes to their sex life. Felipe Ramales /

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Elsewhere in the game, Taylor admitted that he and Cartwright only “last” around “10 minutes on a good night.”

The couple are no strangers to talking about their sex life and lack of intimacy on the “Vanderpump Rules” spinoff.

“When Jax and I first met, it was awesome. We were having sex all the time, 24/7, and I mean, we didn’t miss a day. And then, it has just changed dramatically. I’m talking twice in the past year,” Cartwright admitted in an episode last month.

Cartwright previously divulged that they had been intimate “twice in the past year.” Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock

Meanwhile, Taylor said things have changed since welcoming their son in 2021. brittany/Instagram

Taylor explained that they had been struggling in that department while raising their 3-year-old son, Cruz.

“The romantic spark is just not there right now. I will take blame, yeah. I let that spark fizzle. It’s just not fair to either one of us. Especially, it’s not fair to my wife because she deserves to have a man be loving for her,” he said in the same episode.

“Your sex life and your marriage kind of take a back seat when you have a child. It’s a big deal, and I don’t want it to become a bigger deal.”

Cartwright announced in February that the pair were “taking time apart” and living separately. Shortly after, she told Page Six that their lack of intimacy played a role in the separation.

In February, Cartwright announced their separation. mrjaxtaylor/Instagram

She later told Page Six that their lack of intimacy was a factor in the breakup. mrjaxtaylor/Instagram

“We’ve been together nine years, and people stop appreciating and take you for granted after some time — and that should never happen in a marriage,” she said.

“So that’s what I’m trying to get back, and if it doesn’t come back, then we won’t get back together.”

The reality stars have been together since 2015 and married in June 2019.

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