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Jax Taylor says he and Brittany Cartwright are open to possibly ‘dating other people’ amid separation

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright are “trying to exhaust everything” before they consider divorcing.

Taylor — who recently denied dating rumors amid his separation from his estranged wife — has now claimed the couple is open to possibly seeing other people as they try to salvage their marriage.

“I am not — I repeat not — dating anybody. I was seen out with someone and it was strictly lunch. Obviously, Brittany and I are separated and have been for a long time. What we are going through right now is tough. Marriage is not easy,” said “The Valley” star, 44, on Friday’s episode of their “When Reality Hits” podcast.

Jax Taylor said he and estranged wife Brittany Cartwright are “possibly” open to dating other people as they explore their separation. mrjaxtaylor/Instagram

“We are trying to exhaust everything before we have to go down the divorce road,” Taylor said on Friday’s episode of their “When Reality Hits” podcast. Page Six

“We are trying to figure out a lot of different things: therapy, separation, and maybe, possibly, dating other people,” he continued.

“We are trying to exhaust everything before we have to go down the divorce road — if that would be the case.”

“Part of taking some time apart means exploring other people. All marriages are different, but this is what is good for our marriage. This is something we talked about and we are on the same page. We have a couple of rules with it, but this is what we are exploring,” he clarified.

Taylor went on to share that he and Cartwright, 35, are both “on the same page” about their current arrangement and both are in agreement that their son, Cruz — who celebrated his third birthday last month — is “the most important thing” to them.

Taylor emphasized that he and Cartwright are “on the same page” with their arrangement and both agree that their son, Cruz, is the “most important thing,” GARRETT PRESS / MEGA

“We have a couple of rules with it, but this is what we are exploring,” he said. mrjaxtaylor/Instagram

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Taylor went on to claim that Cartwright is “doing her own thing, too.”

On Thursday, the “Vanderpump Rules” alum denied rumors that he was romantically involved with model Paige Woolen after he was seen eating lunch with her at Granville cafe in Los Angeles over the weekend.

“I am not dating anyone and I wish you all knew the full story of this situation,” the “Valley” star wrote on X Thursday. “Its (sic) not what you think.”

Taylor also claimed that Cartwright is “doing her own thing, too” amid their separation. brittany/Instagram

Despite recently being seen out with two different women in the last month, Taylor said he doesn’t think he’s ready “to start the dating thing again.”

The denial came after he was also spotted with an unidentified woman at The Oaks Tavern in Sherman Oaks, Calif., last week.

While he still hasn’t publicly addressed his mysterious lady friend, Taylor implied that the relationship is likely a casual one on Friday’s episode since he revealed he doesn’t have plans to start dating other people any time soon.

“I’m not dating anybody nor do I plan on dating anybody. I don’t know if I am ready to start the dating thing again. I don’t think I am. We are just hanging out right now with whoever,” he said.

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