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Jennifer Lawrence roasts Mike Pence at GLAAD Media Awards

Jennifer Lawrence made some lewd and crude comments about former Vice President Mike Pence at the GLAAD Media Awards on Saturday — that had the crowd in stitches.

The star gave her profane, irreverent speech while honoring country musician Orville Peck with the Vito Russo Award.

“The Hunger Games” star said that she “loved seeing so many humans who can top their field while still power bottoming. Not to mention being in a room with this many men and not need[ing] mace.”

Jennifer Lawrence had the crowd in stitches at a GLAAD event on Saturday. Getty Images for GLAAD

The star was presenting an award to her friend, Orville Peck. Getty Images for GLAAD

She continued that she “loves” the gay community, adding her “first love” was a “homosexual” who she attempted to “convert” for years. “But now I know conversion therapy doesn’t work,” the Oscar winner explained. “Did you hear me Mike Pence?”

Then, to the delight of the audience, Lawrence further stuck it to the GOP pol. “Conversion therapy isn’t real. Even though you think it worked on you,” she said of the former Indiana governor.

She added the below-the-belt joke: “You know he’s in New York tonight? He’s receiving a Kids’ Choice Award for weirdest d - - k.”

Lawrence posed with Orville Peck (left) and Anthony Allen Ramos Getty Images for GLAAD

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GOP pol Mike Pence was the butt of Lawrence’s jokes. AFP via Getty Images

(We’re not even sure what that means, but we’ve reached out to a rep for Pence for comment on Lawrence’s speech.)

Pence, who has been married to wife Karen since 1985, has been previously slammed by LGBTQ activists for supporting conversion therapy and opposing gay marriage.

In 2017, about 200 protesters with glow sticks, hula hoops and rainbow flags held a “Queer Dance Party” in front of his residence.

Pence also reportedly backed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act as Indiana’s governor, which was criticized as anti-LGBTQ legislation.

A rep for the GOP pol did not immediately comment. AFP via Getty Images

Lawrence said her first love was a gay man. Getty Images for GLAAD

HBO’s John Oliver has also previously taken aim at Pence, with a parody book about his pet bunny.

Either way, Lawrence went on to talk about her friendship with Peck, whom she met at a party. “After swapping numbers and live texting during ‘Housewives,’ soon we took it to the next level,” she said.

Also at the gala were Jennifer Hudson, Uma Thurman and Don Lemon.

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