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Kim Kardashian in Hot Bikini Pics

Kim Kardashian in Hot Bikini Pics
Kardashian captioned the pics, “Just a reminder ?.” Instagram/@kimkardashian

Kim Kardashian doesn’t want her followers to overlook the fact that she has a toned body.

The mother of four, 42, posted a photo of herself on Instagram on Friday wearing a revealing turquoise bikini while having fun by the water, “Just a reminder.”

Some commenters suggested that Kardashian had altered her images.

One critic said, “People can zoom in and see the photoshop.. just a fyi,” and another added, “We don’t need reminders you photoshop every picture.”

Just a few days before Kim’s seductive bikini photo, she was criticized for allegedly Photoshopping another image.

Following the Louis Vuitton Fashion Show, the reality star allegedly made “unnecessary” alterations to a professional photo of herself.

Kim Kardashian in Hot Bikini Pics
Some claimed she photoshopped the pic while others praised her Instagram/@kimkardashian

In an apparent attempt to look slimmer, Kardashian modified her stomach, arms, waist, chest, shoulders, chin, and jaw, according to the Instagram account @ProblematicFame.

The post’s caption said, “Finding the original and comparing is very simple.”

Kim Bikini Pic
Kim has posted my photos of her in bikini's

On this week’s episode of her Hulu series, Kardashian also pushed the boundaries of beauty standards to a whole new level.

The founder of SKKN arrived at the Department of Motor Vehicles with a glam team that included hairstylist Chris Appleton and cosmetics artist Ariel Tejada.

In the show, Kardashian acknowledged that “it’s definitely crazy” to “bring a light and a glam team” to the DMV, but she also said, “I don’t care.”

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