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Kodak gets 3+ Years While Hunter Biden Gets plea deal for the same crime

Kodak gets 3+ Years While Hunter Biden Gets plea deal for the same crime

The prison-free plea agreement agreed by the Justice Department and the president’s son Hunter Biden has been criticized by the attorney representing hip-hop musician Kodak Black, who was charged with the same federal firearms offense as Hunter Biden and received a sentence of more than three years in prison.

Bradford Cohen, Black’s criminal defense lawyer, told GWN in an interview that “There’s no such thing as not getting jail time on a gun charge on any kind of gun charge”

Hunter Biden agreed to plead guilty to two misdemeanor charges of intentional failure to pay federal income tax, the Justice Department reported on Tuesday. Additionally, the younger Biden agreed to sign a pretrial diversion agreement in relation to a different accusation of possessing a handgun while abusing or being addicted to a controlled drug.

Tuesday, in response to the news, Cohen said on Instagram, “2 tiers of justice? Kodak was accused of the exact same offense and will serve three years in prison. Mr. Hunter Biden won’t serve a single day. Is this right? Do federal law enforcement officials and FBI operatives take cases personally?

Black, who was 22 at the time and had previous convictions, pleaded guilty to weapons charges and was given a sentence of more than three years in federal prison in 2019. He admitted to lying on federal documents in order to make two separate purchases of four firearms from a gun store in the Miami region.

Cohen said in an interview with GWN on Tuesday that the DOJ’s plea agreement with Hunter Biden is inconsistent with how prosecutors typically handle federal crimes, particularly when those crimes involve political family members.

“I’ve never seen anyone where this offense was charged,” Cohen said, “and they didn’t get some sort of prison sentence. And in fact, most of the time in federal court, you very rarely see people get anything but a prison sentence.”

“A federal crime is supposed to be a federal crime,” Cohen went on. “And federal crimes are supposed to be very serious federal crimes, and that’s why you look at prison sentences.”

“I think that this is like, you know, they figured the easiest way for them to save face [was] to charge him, not give him prison, and then hope that [Joe] Biden doesn’t give him a pardon until he’s on his way out two years,” the lawyer said.


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