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Lana Del Rey flips out on ‘stalkers’ for ‘following’ her in Paris: ‘Get away from me!’

Lana Del Rey lost her cool in Paris Friday when she saw people following her around the City of Love.

The “Summertime Sadness” singer could be seen in a viral video stepping out of a store and appearing caught off guard when she sees a person recording her.

“Don’t,” she says before attempting to snatch the phone out of the person’s hand. It’s unclear whether the individual was a fan or a paparazzo.

Lana Del Rey snapped at a group of people in Paris for “following” her. / BACKGRID

“Get away from me!” she shouted at them. / BACKGRID

Del Rey also tried to take a person’s phone at one point to stop them from recording her. / BACKGRID

Del Rey, 38, then gets even more heated in a separate video, in which she confronts a larger group of people, saying, “You followed me with my family! … Get away from me!”

The “Don’t Call Me Angel” singer then starts to walk away but returns to say, “Oh, you really think this is uncalled for? Don’t follow me! Don’t follow me!”

When another person in the group seemingly tries to defuse the situation, Del Rey snaps back, “I am upset” before reiterating, “Don’t let them follow me.”

Del Rey told the people allegedly following her that she wanted a few hours to herself on her day off. / BACKGRID

The “Doin’ Time” singer then gives further insight into what has made her so mad, sharing, “I only have one day here. I work every single day. I have four hours to myself.”

However, when a male in the group attempts to get her to calm down by saying, “Don’t scream,” she shouts even louder and responds, “Shut up!”

After the videos hit the internet, Del Rey further vented via Instagram, “These a–holes actually told me that they were going to alter the pictures to make me look bad after we got into a fight.”

She also claimed the group were “stalkers.”

Del Rey later claimed on social media that the people following her threatened to alter the pics of her. Instagram/@lifeisdarkparadise

She also accused the people of being “stalkers.” Instagram/@lifeisdarkparadise

Page Six has reached out to Del Rey’s reps for comment but did not immediately hear back.

Meanwhile, the “Young and Beautiful” singer has been flooded with tons of support from fans.

“poor lana 🙁 im so happy she stood up for herself,” one person commented on social media.

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Fans defended Del Rey via social media for defending herself. Getty Images

“They need to stop harassing her,” one person added via Instagram. Redferns

Another chimed in, “They need to stop harassing her.”

By Friday night, Del Rey had seemingly already brushed off the entire ordeal.

The “Born to Die” singer hit the stage at the Primavera Sound Porto festival in Portugal.

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