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Miami restaurant speaks out on Donald Trump’s failure to pay for the meal


Donald Trump

Miami restaurant speaks out..

After being indicted in Miami on Tuesday, Donald Trump visited Versailles, a Cuban Miami restaurant, but a worker couldn’t confirm if the former president had purchased any food during his visit.

When Trump visited the restaurant, he was surrounded by fans and said, “Food for everyone!” The business tycoon, however, reportedly left after approximately 10 minutes without purchasing any meals, according to the Miami New Times.

An employee of Versailles who was speaking on the phone said, “Sorry, I don’t know about that,” when asked if Trump had paid for any food during his visit.

According to polling, Trump is currently in the lead for the Republican presidential nomination, with a sizable advantage over Ron DeSantis in second place. Therefore, who occupies the White House starting in January 2025 may be significantly influenced by his public behavior and continuing legal disputes.

Shortly after leaving court, Trump and his group made their way to Versailles, a well-known restaurant in Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood. He walked to the bakery area, where Trump’s followers sung “Happy Birthday” to him and celebrated as he turned 77 the following day.


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