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New information on the Las Vegas Police alien encounter “They’re 100% not human.”

Alien Encounter
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Big, shiny eyes. Towering nearly 10 feet tall. 100% not human. Aliens.

That was the 911 call received by dispatchers last month from a resident of the Las Vegas region who claimed to have seen alien life in his backyard only an hour or so after local police reported seeing an item fall from the sky.

situation.” After conducting a preliminary inquiry, the officer declared the incident to be unsubstantiated.

A brilliant, luminous object was seen passing through the sky at about 11:50 p.m. on April 30 on body camera footage from a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police officer, according to local TV station 8 News Now.

After seeing an item fall from the sky with his family, a local homeowner called 911 around 40 minutes later to report that something “100% not human” was looking at him from his backyard.

The Las Vegas Metro Police released body camera footage of an ominous object in the sky. Later, a family claimed to have seen “non-human” visitors on their property.

The caller informed the dispatcher that he and his family had witnessed something descend from the sky. “it’s like an 8-9-10 feet tall, and another one’s inside and it has big eyes it’s looking at us and it’s still there,” the caller stated. Many questions still remain unanswered regarding this alien encounter.

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