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Nicole Brown Simpson’s sisters give rare update on OJ’s kids’s private lives

Nicole Brown Simpson’s sisters want their niece and nephew to be left alone.

Dominique Brown, Denise Brown and Tanya Brown gave “Entertainment Tonight” a rare update on Nicole’s two children with OJ Simpson on Wednesday.

“They have their own families,” Dominique, 59, said of Sydney Simpson and Justin Simpson. “They live normal lives. They want to be left alone, and they have children of their own.”

The late model shared daughter Sydney and son Justin with OJ Simpson. Bei/Shutterstock

Sydney and Justin’s “privacy is important to them.” DMI/The LIFE Picture Collection/Shutterstock

Denise, 66, also begged the public to “please leave them alone.”

She said, “They just want to live normal lives and happy lives. They don’t have both parents. It’s hard for them. It’s sad. I don’t know if it’s hard, but it’s sad for them. And I think their privacy is important to them.”

As for Tanya, 54, she shared that she is “not really in touch” with her niece and nephew.

The siblings have been out of the spotlight since their mom’s death and dad’s trial. Getty Images

Nicole’s sisters urged the public to “leave them alone.” Variety via Getty Images

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She also expressed “mixed feelings” about Sydney, 38, and Justin, 35, watching Lifetime’s “The Life and Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson” documentary, which airs this weekend.

“It’s so good, so many great stories about Mom,” Tanya explained. “But then they’re going to hear what a horrible dad he was, what a horrible husband, a horrible human being.

“I don’t know if they have a good perception of him or a poor one. But I think it would kind of hurt me if they had such a great relationship with Dad and then all of a sudden they see this and see a totally different person.”

They claimed Sydney and Justin “just want to live normal and happy lives.” Sydney Simpson

The aunts clarified that they aren’t “in touch” with their niece and nephew. Justin Simpson/Facebook

Tanya noted that the network, regardless, has created a reel of positive moments for Nicole’s children to watch if they choose.

Sydney and Justin — who have remained out of the spotlight since their mom’s brutal murder in June 1994 and their dad’s ensuing criminal trial — lived in Florida as of 2016.

OJ, who was found not guilty of murdering Nicole but later civilly liable, died at age 76 in April after battling prostate cancer.

TMZ reported at the time that the athlete’s children had visited him at his deathbed — and signed NDAs before doing so.

Sydney and Justin lived in Florida as of 2016. Justin Simpson/Facebook

They have “children of their own,” Nicole’s sisters stated. Jason Winslow / Splash News

OJ was also the father of Arnelle, 55, and Jason, 54, with his first wife, Marguerite L. Whitley.

Additionally, the former couple welcomed daughter Aaren during their 12-year marriage, who tragically died in a drowning accident in August 1979 just before her 2nd birthday.

Part one of “The Life and Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson” premieres Saturday at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime, with part two airing the following day.

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