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Nina Dobrev shows off injured leg following bike accident: ‘Life looks a lil different lately’

Nina Dobrev is on the mend.

The “Vampire Diaries” star, who was involved in a horrific bike accident last month, took to Instagram over the weekend to give fans an update on her recovery.

“life looks a lil different lately,” she wrote Sunday, alongside a snap of herself lounging on a couch with her leg elevated as she relaxed in sweats and a sheet mask.

Nina Dobrev gave fans an update on her injured leg following her bike accident last month. nina/Instagram

The “Vampire Diaries” star showed herself lounging on the couch with her leg elevated in a photo dump posted to Instagram Sunday. nina/Instagram

“life looks a lil different lately,” she captioned the post. nina/Instagram

“trading in the ‘selfie’ for the ‘leggie.’ get ready for the leg content because that’s all I’ve got in my camera roll these days ????????????,” Dobrev, 35, continued.

Several pictures showed the actress lying down with a pair of crutches off to the side. Other pics featured her two dogs while and snaps taken from a doctor’s office.

Her boyfriend, Shaun White, also made an appearance as he was seen dancing around in a “Vampire Diaries” sweatshirt embroidered with “Elena Gilbert,” the character Dobrev played on the hit TV series.

Dobrev continued, “trading in the ‘selfie’ for the ‘leggie.’ get ready for the leg content because that’s all I’ve got in my camera roll these days ????????????,” nina/Instagram

Many of the actress’ snaps showed her lying down. nina/Instagram

Other snaps featured her cuddling in bed with her dogs. nina/Instagram

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Giggling in the background, the “Let’s Be Cops” star told the Olympic gold medalist, “You’re out of your mind. I love it.”

Dobrev’s recent update comes weeks after she announced her hospitalization on May 20.

She shared the news on social media alongside a photo of herself smiling on an electric bike and another of herself in a hospital bed with a brace on her leg.

“how it started vs how it’s going,” she captioned the post.

Dobrev also showed herself at the doctor’s office. nina/Instagram

The “Let’s Be Cops” star’s boyfriend,
Shaun White, was also featured. nina/Instagram

Last month, Dobrev revealed she was involved in a bike accident. Nina Dobrev/Instagram

At the time, she shared a photo of herself in the hospital. Nina Dobrev / Instagram

At the time, several worried fans noticed the “Perks of Being a Wallflower” star wasn’t wearing a helmet.

Dobrev reassured everyone she would be alright as she wrote on her Instagram Story, “I’m ok but it’s going to be a long road of recovery ahead ❤️‍????????.”

“I think it’s safe to say my first time on a dirt bike will also be my last lol,” she added.

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