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Olivia Rodrigo dances through mid-concert wardrobe malfunction in leather bra: ‘The show must go on’

She saw London, she saw France …

Olivia Rodrigo nearly showed fans more than they bargained for when her crop top came unfastened in the middle of her Guts World Tour stop in London Tuesday night — but the pop star took it all in good humor.

“This is f—ing embarrassing!” Rodrigo, 21, shouted with a laugh in a TikTok shared by a fan as her black Hells Belle leather bra top ($380) popped open in back during a performance of — ironically — “Love is Embarrassing.”

Rodrigo clutched her black leather top as it came unfastened. @martareismatias/TikTok

Her bra top came completely undone during the high-energy performance. @martareismatias/TikTok

The “Vampire” singer kept the show going despite her snapped shirt, dancing away as she held on to the leather piece for dear life.

A dancer then attempted to re-fasten the bra without luck, so Rodrigo continued performing the hit —which featured plenty of high-energy choreography — with one hand on her chest as she desperately tried to keep her bra top from falling off.

The TikTok user’s video then cut to a scene of the “Driver’s License” hitmaker finishing off the song with everything back in place.

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One of her dancers tried to save the day. TikTok/@badtakesbyclyde

A dancer chased after Rodrigo while trying to fix the top. TikTok/@badtakesbyclyde

Rodrigo laughed off the incident, telling the audience, “I almost just flashed you! That’s so embarrassing,” at the end of the song, per NME.

Broken tops aside, the star wears plenty of other bold looks during her tour, like a pair of bedazzled briefs with a white tank and a crystal-covered bra top and matching miniskirt.

Fans had plenty to say about the near wardrobe malfunction, like one who wrote, “this was actually the perfect song for this to happen to.”

The singer finally fixed her top. TikTok/@badtakesbyclyde

Rodrigo’s “Guts” tour headed to London this week. Olivia Rodrigo / Instagram

Rodrigo wears an array of sparkly on-stage looks during her tour. Getty Images for Acrisure Arena

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“The dancer desperately chasing after her trying to fix it killed me????????” another added, while a third wrote, “She really said the show MUST GO ON.”

Several fans pointed out that this isn’t the first time someone had a top break during the aptly named song, like one who wrote, “why is everyone’s top malfunctioning during love is embarrassing, it happened to one of her dancers a few months ago ????.”

Love might be embarrassing, but wardrobe malfunctions happen to everyone.

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