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Patriots owner Robert Kraft’s Foundation to Combat Antisemitism wins big at 2024 Effie Awards for ‘blue square’ campaign

Robert Kraft’s Foundation to Combat Antisemitism has been racking up many prestigious advertising awards for its “blue square” campaign — which was launched over a year ago as a “symbol of standing up to Jewish hate and all hate.”

Its ads have aired during the Super Bowl and Oscars, and supporters have included Tom Brady, Jon Bon Jovi and other stars.

The foundation has won at the Clios, the Epica Awards, the London International Advertising Awards and more, we hear.

Robert Kraft’s foundation has run ads during the Oscars and the Super Bowl. Getty Images

Its latest honors were at the 2024 Effie Awards on Thursday night at Cipriani 42nd Street where the campaign was recognized in categories including Most Effective Current Events Campaign, Most Effective Non-Profit Campaign and Most Effective Use of Media Innovation: Emerging & New Channels.

Other brands that won at the awards included Molson Coors, Heinz, Tide, Taco Bell, M&Ms, McDonald’s, the NFL, Lysol and more.

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Said an attendee, “The event was packed, so you can imagine the noise of people eating and talking as awards were displayed on the screen. When the foundation’s work went up, the room gradually went quieter and quieter until it was silent. It was incredible, the only time that happened all night.”

The foundation also also took out full-page ads in several newspapers recently. Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The awards also honored big brands like Molson Coors, Lysol and McDonald’s. Effie_US/Twitter

Kraft’s foundation also recently took out full-page ads in several newspapers, featuring a heartfelt letter by the billionaire Patriots owner.

“As a graduate of Columbia University, I am deeply saddened by the hate and polarization taking place today on a campus I love so much,” Kraft wrote, after he already pulled support for his alma mater amid unrest at the school.

“I am appalled that this hate has only continued to rise and has spawned growing levels of physical intimidation and threats of violence that have taken over college and university campuses across our country,” his message via his foundation ad continued.

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