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Professional poker player accused of cheating causes a heated exchange at the event

Professional poker player accused of cheating causes a heated exchange at the event

Dan Smith, a professional poker player, got into a violent argument with Martin Kabrhel on Sunday after Smith was disqualified from the $250,000 Super High Roller Bowl at the World Series of Poker.

In Smith’s final hand of the evening, Kabrhel and Smith engaged in combat. Kabrhel eliminated Smith with a pair of sixes, and as Smith got up to leave, he fired at Kabrhel.

“Good luck most of you. I hope you get barred,” Smith said as he pointed at Kabrhel.

Kabrhel asked what he meant by “barred.” Smith replied, “Banned.”

“Your antics are the worst of anyone Iā€™ve ever played with,” As he removed his microphone. “Everyone else, it was great playing.”

As the PokerGo video gained popularity, Kabrhel was accused of cheating by fellow poker player Hayley Hanna.

“Dan is entirely correct. Martin ought to be banned. Everyone in the high roller world is aware of his past of frequently marking cards in an effort to cheat, she stated on Twitter. In addition, Martin ruins the atmosphere by being disrespectful, shouting constantly in other people’s ears, taking theĀ entire time when he knows he’s folding, and standing over others to seeĀ their stack’ when he’s obviously attempting to angle. Never in my life have I witnessed such a heinous and overt attempt to rig and cheat.

“It doesn’t matter whether you find Martin entertainingĀ or not. The man is a well-known cheater and angler who should not be permitted to play with the finest players in the world who possess the highest level of integrity for the game. Keep the game’s integrity! “Ban the cheaters!”

“He makes any tournament no fun for anyone and on top of it Iā€™ve seen him mark cards in every tournament Iā€™ve ever played with him,” he tweeted.

On Monday, Kabrhel defended himself.

“On behalf of yesterday’s situation I feel necessary to speak up,” he wrote on Twitter. “@Andrew_Robl yesterday posted on Twitter an accusation that I’m marking cards and cheating in poker tournaments. I was shocked by how quickly people took it as true, pure statement with no evidence and started media blizzard in which I am portrayed as cheater.

“You can accuse me of controversial manners, bad jokes, uncomfortable play, or whatever stickers you put on my autistic behavior, you can call me pain in the a– but calling me a cheater is something completely out of line”.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that Kabrhel is under investigation over the alleged cheating allegations.


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