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Shocking Watch as a Convicted Man Walks out of Courtroom and Escapes Without Anyone Noticing

Guilty Man Walks out of Court Room

Authorities were baffled by a man’s audacious conduct of sneaking out of an Arkansas courthouse after being pronounced guilty.

When no one was watching, Joey Watts, who was charged with aggravated assault and criminal possession of a pistol, was able to stand up and leave the Grant County Courthouse in Sheridan.

The jury was still deliberating on the guns counts when the defendant was found guilty of aggravated assault and waited for the outcome.

He may be seen walking out of the courthouse in an internet video without the attention of any judges or bailiffs.

A day later, he was finally apprehended by police, who then returned him to jail. Three further people were detained for assisting him in escaping.

Watts’ attorney had asked him not to go, according to Deputy Prosecutor Norman Frisby, who was in charge of prosecuting the case, but he just stood up and departed.

Watts can be seen sitting on the video before getting up and leaving the court. He immediately headed for the stairs before making his way through the hallway and out the front door.

View the video here:


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