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The best Clint Eastwood Movie ever is going viral on Netflix

Clint Eastwood movie is going viral on Netflix

Clint Eastwood has long been one of the most recognizable and iconic names in Hollywood. He is a superb creator both in front of and behind the camera. The Mule, his 2018 film, is currently the second-most-watched title on the site, according to GWN, which notes that several streamers like Max have been hosting their fair part of the star’s extensive back catalog for their members to enjoy from the comfort of their own homes.

This crime drama, which is also directed by Eastwood, features an A-list cast that includes some of the biggest stars of recent years in addition to the man, the myth, and the legend himself.

The film revolves around a drug mule named Earl Stone (Clint Eastwood), who is based on the real-life Leo Sharp. The story is taken from the Sam Dolnik-written 2014 New York Times article “The Sinaloa Cartel’s 90-Year-Old-Drug Mule.” In the film, a down-on-his-luck Earl decides that the only way to pay off his debt is to work as a drug runner for a ruthless Mexican cartel.

Earl is an instant hit and swiftly moves up the ranks to become one of the group’s highest-earning members. However, Earl’s success could be his undoing because a DEA agent has made him the center of his attention in an effort to take down the cartel as a whole.

The title poses the question of how far you would go to rescue your family and your way of life while taking viewers on a challenging trip with Clint Eastwood’s lead character. Leo Sharp, a WWII veteran, believed that the only way to save his farm from going into foreclosure was to join up with the ruthless Mexican cartel in order to make some quick cash.’


The Mule also stars Bradley Cooper, Dianne Wiest, Alison Eastwood, Taissa Farmiga, Andy Garcia, Laurence Fishburne, and Michael Pea in addition to Clint Eastwood. The movie, like its lead character, was a tremendous earner, surpassing its $50 million budget by $173.6 million at the global box office. The film comfortably held its own against the competition as it debuted alongside other eagerly awaited films like Mortal Engines and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.


Clint Eastwood’s most recent film, The Mule, is one of his many hyphenated performances. The renowned actor has appeared in a variety of films over the span of more than seven decades, seamlessly switching across genres but always maintaining his rough-and-tumble persona.

Clint Eastwood has achieved success over and over again, by acting in films like Space Cowboy, Dirty Harry, The Outlaw Josey Wales, Every Which Way but Loose, and Escape to Alcatraz.

With Play Misty for Me, which he also appeared in, Clint Eastwood made his directorial debut in 1971, setting the stage for what would become another successful and protracted endeavor in the entertainment industry. This action gave Eastwood the motivation he needed to continue pursuing his love of directing, which led to his winning multiple Academy Awards, BAFTAs, and Golden Globes over the next several decades.


Clint Eastwood ventured into another true story in the 2019 film Richard Jewell, which he produced and directed, following the success of The Mule. He most recently doubled down on the Western film Cry Macho. The cowboy legend’s life has been pretty quiet since 2021.

All good things must come to an end, and Clint Eastwood, 93, has revealed that he will work with Warner Bros. on his last film. The judicial drama, Juror No. 2, is believed to star Nicholas Hoult and Toni Collette. For the time being, it appears that Eastwood will simply serve as the project’s director.

For the time being, no release date has been specified for Clint Eastwood’s last film, which will eventually hit theaters. Fans of the Hollywood star can see The Mule, which is now streaming in second place on Netflix.


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