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They named this 575 foot Superyacht after a God

Acionna megayacht

The eight-decked, hydrogen-powered megayacht has a pool with a cascading waterfall.

If you’re going to give a boat a god’s name, it better be something big. As it is larger than Oceanco’s Aeolus, which gets its name from the Greek god of wind, the 575-foot Acionna megayacht, named for a Gallo-Roman water goddess, fulfills the bill.

The megayacht was designed by UK-based Andy Waugh, whose Noveau and Epiphany designs were previously highlighted on He has served as lead designer on eight superyacht projects that have been completed, and two more are presently being built, according to his website.

Acionna megayacht

The first thing that draws your attention is the tiered superstructure in addition to its sheer size. Eight decks make up Acionna, which has a double-height main saloon with panoramic curved glass overlooking the main aft pool deck.

There is a staircase that descends to a swimming platform, which Waugh describes as a central “island” of common space surrounding the pool and accessible by a tunnel and a bridge. Similar to Noveau, Acionna’s pool flows downwards through several levels, producing an perpetual waterfall that is both utilitarian and stunning. A full-size squash court, a helicopter hangar, and a 66-foot indoor pool are all included.

Acionna is would ideally be a zero-impact vessel.

Acionna would ideally be a zero-impact vessel despite its enormous size. The technology needed for its hydrogen-based propulsion system hasn’t been developed at this point, which is the main issue.

According to Waugh’s website, “she is planned to be powered with hydrogen using a similar system that is currently being trialed in cruise ships and ferries.” The boat might be considered to have “zero impact” if the energy needed to produce the hydrogen was obtained from renewable energy sources.

There won’t be any way to enhance demand for hydrogen and end the supply and demand “chicken and egg” dilemma until vessels like this one are built, according to the statement.

The 705-foot-long G-Quest’s designer, Steve Kozloff, echoed a similar feeling when introducing the $1 billion concept, describing it as being propelled by the “green fuels of the future” such as biodiesel, methanol, or hydrogen.

The concept of Acionna, according to Waugh, “is for those who see themselves as trendsetters and game changers, those who appreciate the pinnacle of luxury but also want to have a positive impact.”


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