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TikTok star Remi Bader shares fitness transformation after slamming trolls over weight criticism

Remi Bader is showing off her fitness transformation months after pleading with trolls to stop commenting on her weight.

The body positive influencer took to Instagram Tuesday to share a before and after video to exemplify her core strength progress and explain how proud of herself she is.

The first video depicted her struggling to perform a vertical knee raise. After three attempts, she shook her head and stepped away from the machine. The second video showed her looking confident as she executed several knee raises.

Influencer Remi Bader took to Instagram Tuesday to give an update regarding her health and fitness journey. Instagram/@remibader

In the first part of the video, she struggled to perform vertical knee lifts. Instagram/@remibader

She quit after three tries. Instagram/@remibader

“The difference of a few months focusing on my mental, emotional and physical strength,” Bader, 29, wrote atop the clip. “This is not about weight, or looks or appearance, it’s about putting myself first and finding myself again. Always put yourself first.”

She added in the caption, “People come and go so remember you only have YOU at the end of the day ???? thank you to those always supporting me through my darkest and brightest moments.”

The fitness update came months after Bader got emotional while discussing how hard it was for her to see so many comments from internet strangers shaming her for her weight.

The second video showed Bader doing several knee raises. Instagram/@remibader

“This is not about weight, or looks or appearance, it’s about putting myself first and finding myself again,” she wrote over the footage. Instagram/@remibader

“I try to not look at the really mean things online the best that I can because it really saves my mental health,” she began in her TikTok video. “[But] there’s been a ridiculous amount of body shaming … saying things like how much bigger I’ve gotten or how much weight I’ve gained.”

The curvy model explained that while she thought sharing her health and fitness journey with fans would be a positive process, the hate she received was too much and she therefore would no longer be sharing such updates.

She reasoned, “You can pretend you want good for me, but it’s actually people that want the worst for me and it’s just fun for them to keep making fun of me and do it publicly.”

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In September 2023, Bader got emotional on TikTok speaking about the hate she received over her weight. remibader/Instagram

She said she therefore concluded that it would be best to stop sharing health and wellness updates with fans. Instagram/@remibader

Shortly before that, Bader discussed how hurtful it was to see comments that her former boyfriend was only with her for financial gain.

She further explained that her then-boyfriend Keyveat Postell was nothing but supportive of her throughout her struggles with mental health and binge eating.

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“He’s been the one that’s told me, ‘I don’t want you to lose weight in ways that are making you feel bad about yourself,’ like, ‘I love you the way you are,’” she told Emily Ratajkowski on her “High Low with EmRata” podcast.

She later added, “To have a boyfriend while dealing with all this is hard, but I realized, how long was I gonna wait? Was I gonna wait forever to get to a point to where I felt perfect? That’s never gonna happen.”

Shortly before posting the candid video, Bader said people claimed her then-boyfriend Keyveat Postell was only dating her for money. remibader/Instagram

The curve model went on to praise Postell for being supportive of her as she struggled with binge eating and mental health. Instagram/@remibader

Bader confirmed their split in March. Instagram/@remibader

While Bader mostly refrained from outwardly speaking about her physical and mental transformation for months, she appeared confident in several recent social media posts, including swimsuit hauls and a clip of herself modeling a curve-hugging workout jumpsuit.

“Feelin myself,” she captioned the post.

In another video of herself rocking a jumpsuit, Bader wrote, “This has definitely been a journey and not every day is easy, but finding my self worth and confidence again has been the one thing i’m most thankful for. Day by day.”

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