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Tina Knowles reveals daughter Solange was conceived on the Nile River

Tina Knowles got wild on the Nile.

The 70-year-old businesswoman revealed on Vogue’s “The Run-Through” podcast that her younger daughter, Solange, was conceived on the Nile River in Egypt.

“I thought I was having a boy and I wanted to name him Niles. But little did I know, here came this girl,” Knowles said in the May 23 episode.

The mother of two made the head-turning confession while discussing the inspiration behind Solange and her older sister Beyoncé’s iconic names.

Tina Knowles revealed her younger daughter, Solange, was conceived on the Nile River in Egypt. Getty Images

“I thought I was having a boy and I wanted to name him Niles,” she said on Vogue’s “The Run-Through” podcast. Dimitrios Kambouris

Knowles said she found Solange’s name in a baby book she bought in Paris. FilmMagic

Knowles recalled getting the idea for Solange’s name from a baby book she bought in Paris.

“I bought a baby name book in Paris for my girlfriend and she was going to have a baby. And then the next year I wound up having a baby, so I pulled that old book out,” she explained.

Solange, 37, previously reflected on her conception story during a 2017 interview with the Evening Standard.

“I had some revelations in terms of my parents finding out they conceived me in Egypt after visiting the Giza pyramids and [I connected] to that and the constellation of Orion that aligns with Giza,” she said at the time.

Knowles also revealed Beyoncé’s name is an Americanized version of her maiden name. Alberto E. Rodriguez

She wanted to carry on her maiden name because there were “very few” boys in her family. WireImage

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Her 2017 tour was titled Orion’s Rise.

Furthermore, the “Cranes in the Sky” singer collaborated with Kendrick Lamar on a song called “Nile” for Beyoncé’s 2019 “The Lion King: The Gift” soundtrack.

Knowles welcomed Solange in June 1986 — five years after giving birth to Beyoncé.

The 32-time Grammy winner’s name is her mother’s maiden name, which evolved from “Boyoncé” and “Beyincé,” the matriarch explained on the “The Run-Through” podcast.

Solange — the younger sister of Beyoncé — was born in 1986. Paras Griffin

Knowles welcomed Beyoncé in 1981. AP

Knowles noted she felt it was important to keep the name alive because there were “very few” boys in the family.

The Cécred co-founder made headlines earlier this week for also revealing Beyoncé, 42, got bullied as a child.

“She was very shy and she got bullied a bit,” she told Vogue. “But the day that she stood up for someone — she didn’t stand up for herself she stood up for them. … I couldn’t have been more proud of her.”

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