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Tori Spelling reveals she chipped tooth during ‘aggressive’ Jason Priestley makeout

Tori Spelling’s romance with Jason Priestley was short-lived — but it had a permanent effect on her smile.

“My teeth are chipped. Thank you, Jason Priestley,” the actress said of her “Beverly Hills, 90210” co-star on Friday’s episode of her “misSpelling” podcast.

“I have a chipped front tooth from making out with Jason Priestley in an elevator,” the 50-year-old explained, calling Priestley, 54, a “good but aggressive kisser.”

Tori Spelling chipped her tooth kissing Jason Priestley. WireImage for Silver Spoon (formerly The Cabana)

The “aggressive” makeout took place during their 1990s fling. Sygma via Getty Images

Spelling called her “Beverly Hills, 90210” co-star a “good” kisser. FOX Image Collection via Getty Images

Spelling clarified that the smooch happened “way before” he married Ashlee Petersen in 1999.

“I was shooting a TV movie in Vancouver, he was directing a TV show in Vancouver,” the former reality star recalled. “Yeah, we had a fun summer.”

She noted that Priestley similarly “broke [Jennie Garth’s] face” with his kissing on the show.

“We had a fun summer,” she gushed. Getty Images

The actress later chipped another tooth kissing a different man. misspellingpodcast/Instagram

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“She says she has TMJ because of him and a clicking jaw,” Spelling said.

Spelling joked that she believes she has “brittle teeth” since the same thing “happened again” with a different man.

The “BH90210” star shared the story while describing her journey to veneers, saying her teeth became “last priority” when she married Dean McDermott and welcomed five children.

She joked that Priestley gave his onscreen girlfriend Jennie Garth TMJ. Getty Images

The show aired from 1990 to 2000. Everett Collection / Everett Collection

The former couple separated in June 2023 after 17 years of marriage, with Spelling waiting nine months to file for divorce.

She has been documenting her single life on the podcast, from her thoughts on McDermott’s girlfriend, Lily Calo, to her desire for baby No. 6.

Priestley isn’t the only former co-star Spelling has dished about, with her telling listeners last month that she hasn’t had her heart broken since splitting from her “first love,” Brian Austin Green.

Spelling also once had a romance with co-star Brian Austin Green. FOX Image Collection via Getty Images

She told podcast listeners about the actor being her “first love” last month. torispelling/Instagram

She and Green, 50, dated from when they were teenagers.

As for Spelling’s romance with Priestley, she first spoke about it on “Celebrity Lie Detector” in 2015.

“It was a summer fling,” she said at the time. “It was off-set. It was our version of a summer romance.”

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