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The Rapid Expansion of 5G

Here are the Top 10 things everyone should know about 5G as cell phone companies are adapting to the new technology.

1. 5G stands for fifth-generation cellular wireless.
2. 5G will bring three main improvements to your cellular connection: larger channels to speed up your connection, lower latency for faster responsiveness, and the ability to connect many more devices at once.
3. The actual 5G radio system is different from the 4G system, which means that coverage maps are different. Where current carriers are relying on 4G and 5G, this can mean outages where the two don’t overlap.
4. 5G uses three different wave spectrums — low, middle, and high. Low band right now is about the same as 4G. Mid-band is the most commonly used in countries outside the U.S. And high band is the really new stuff; they’re very short-range frequencies, requiring more towers, but blazingly fast.
5. The first all-band 5G phones are set to debut in 2020; current phones only use one band, so consumers are forced to choose.
6. How fast? Speeds will be 10 to 100 times faster than 4G. At these speeds, you could download a full-length feature film in seconds.
7. Some people are worried about potential health risks from 5G because it uses higher band, shorter frequency electromagnetic radiation. However, there is no scientific evidence that these radio waves will constitute a health risk.
8. 5G networks will have to be much smarter than previous networks, because they will need to manage more cells that can change size and shape to provide those faster speeds.
9. 5G home and business internet has the potential to be much faster than existing 4G internet and much easier for carriers to offer than laying fiber optic cable to every street and every building.
10. For the first time, mobile networks will be a true replacement for wired networks, which may allow businesses to set up satellite offices in previously unreachable locations. It will also make working on the go — from planes, trains, and automobiles — much faster and more reliable.


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