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Valerie Bertinelli taking social media break to protect mental health after feeling ‘emotionally exhausted’

Valerie Bertinelli is logging off of social media for a while.

The “One Day at a Time” alum, 64, shared via Instagram Friday that she felt she needed a “cleanse/detox” and a mental health break.

“The last six or so weeks have been…a LOT,” Bertinelli admitted alongside the selfie photo.

Valerie Bertinelli announced she’ll be taking a break from social media due to feeling “overwhelmed” and “emotionally exhausted.” Instagram/@wolfiesmom

“The last six weeks have been a LOT,” the “One Day at a Time” star admitted. @wolfiesmom/Instagram

She added, “And while I am incredibly grateful for all your support for my book and everyone I’ve had the good fortune to meet, this here introvert in extrovert’s clothing is in need of a mental health break.”

Bertinelli confessed she didn’t feel a need to announce her exit, but she decided to open up about her departure for the fans who “worry” about her if she doesn’t “post often enough.”

However, she assured her followers, “I’m good. Honest.”

She also thanked her fans for all of their support for her book “Indulge Delicious.” wolfiesmom/Instagram

“Taking a little social media cleanse/detox and a mental health break is a good thing,” she added before reaffirming, “I’m good.” Christopher Peterson /

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“Taking a little social media cleanse/detox and a mental health break is a good thing and I’m grateful I’m at a place in my life where I’m aware enough to know when I’m overwhelmed and mentally/emotionally exhausted,” she concluded.

Bertinelli also shared her announcement post via her Instagram Stories with Taylor Swift song’s “I Can’t Do It With a Broken Heart” playing over it.

The cookbook author seems to have been listening to the pop star’s latest album, “The Tortured Poets Department,” often lately.

Bertinelli went Instagram-official with her boyfriend, celebrity chef Mike Goodnough, last month. Instagram/@wolfiesmom

Goodnough announced their relationship via an essay on his Substack. Instagram/@therealhoarse

In April, Bertinelli went Instagram-official with celebrity chef Mike Goodnough by posting a selfie of them smiling alongside the lyrics from “So High School,” which is inspired by Swift’s beau, Travis Kelce.

“???? I’ll drink what you think and I’m high from smokin’ your jokes all damn night ????,” the caption read.

Goodnough announced he was dating the sitcom star via an essay last month after originally meeting her on Instagram.

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