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What changing at McDonald’s now?

McDonald’s is implementing a number of improvements aimed at enhancing its famous hamburgers as part of its ongoing effort to upgrade its core products and increase sales.

We’ll have softer buns. Gooier cheese. Onions will be added to the patties. The Big Mac sauce, too? there is going to be lots more.

“We found that tweaking our process by making small changes, to get the cheese, meltier with the grill hotter and to sear better, added up to a more flavorful burger and a big difference,” McDonald’s senior director said in a statement on Monday. The Big Mac, McDouble, classic cheeseburger, double cheeseburger, and hamburger are all eligible for the enhancements too.

What changing at McDonald's now?

The Big Mac will come with more Big Mac sauce.

The business said that the burger enhancements were initially implemented in foreign markets and have already reached select US locations, including Los Angeles, Seattle, Phoenix, and Las Vegas. By the beginning of next year, they will be accessible nationwide.

In 2018, McDonald’s made the difficult announcement that it was transitioning to fresh beef for their Quarter Pounders, which would result in significant sales gains. It replaced earlier variations with a crispy chicken sandwich in 2021, a very late entry into the chicken sandwich market but one that appears to have struck a chord with McDonald’s consumers.

To keep procedures straightforward and decrease conflict in the kitchen, the restaurant should concentrate on promoting its staple menu items rather than launching new goods. Additionally, McDonald’s has been promoting its hallmark foods through campaigns like celebrity meal platforms and the adult Happy Meal.

What Changing at McDonalds Now?

On the January call, Kempczinski stated that “some of our most successful campaign platforms throughout 2022 brought our customers closer to the core menu items.”

McDonald’s isn’t the only company attempting to enhance its core products.


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